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DTV Motor Corporation is a privately-owned corporation based in Canada and has been developing the DTV Shredder since 2009.

“DTV” stands for Dual Tracked Vehicle.

The DTV Shredder was originally invented by Ryan Fairhead where he personally created the first sketches and machined the first parts used on the original Shredder prototype which today stands as a hallmark for powersports innovation at DTV.

Three generations later, the DTV Shredder is highly refined yet we continue to push the boundaries of innovation. Fittingly, today Ryan is the Vice President of Research and Development at DTV.

**NEW LEADERSHIP** In August of 2017, Todd Clarke was appointed CEO of DTV Motor Corporation. Todd has held several senior leadership positions with various major corporations and is poised to apply his refined skills to the success of DTV.

At DTV, we have a passion for developing all terrain, all season powersports that cater to a wide variety of demographics and market segments. We have combined the best characteristics of traditional board sport into an exciting new riding experience. The idea was to capture the freedom riders feel on a snowboard and apply it to a motorized tracked vehicle with all terrain, all season capabilities.

The DTV Shredder captures the freedom of carving on a snowboard or skateboard by using our patented dual CVT Transmission system that captures the rider’s body movements and varies the dual track speeds accordingly to produce smooth arcing turns.

We have created a vehicle that is easy to ride year round in almost any environment yet compact enough to fit into rear compartment of almost any hatchback or SUV.

No matter what the purpose, if you are looking for an exciting way to travel off road offering year-round value and on all terrain, the DTV Shredder is for you.

The DTV Leadership Team

Paresh Ghelani


Paresh Ghelani is an avid entrepreneur who believes in addressing global grand challenges through innovation and

entrepreneurship. His current focus is investing in early stage and cutting-edge technologies such as Moon Express,

Viome Inc, plus multiple startups. As Chairman of DTV Motor Corporation, Paresh is looking to introduce a whole

new breed of off-road vehicles for sports enthusiasts and the military. With the vision of addressing the world’s Grand

Challenges through innovative approaches and making a large-scale difference in humanity, Paresh believes in achieving

peace through prosperity. He is currently working with the world’s best visionary group to shape the strategy to expand

the highly successful XPRIZE platform to India and globally.Prior to DTV Motor Corporation, Paresh was the Founder

and CEO of 2020 Company, LLC, which was acquired by a large private equity group. With expertise in management

strategy and vision, Paresh and 2020 won numerous awards for growth and leadership. 2020 worked with theU.S.

government to provide solutions in the areas of health care IT, education and science.Prior to successfully building

2020 from the ground up, Paresh built and sold two other businesses in technology field.

Todd Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

Todd is the newest member of the DTV Motor Corporation team joining the company in August of 2017 as the company’s new CEO.

As a former professional hockey player and having held a number of executive positions with other highly successful major corporations, Todd brings over 20-years of skilful senior leadership experience and a positive high energy approach to leading a company. Todd has earned a solid reputation for creating innovative business development strategies and platform design all while ensuring corporate governance.

Todd is also a Powersports enthusiast and the proud owner of 15 motorcycles over the years with an in-depth knowledge of the Powersports industry.

“Having the opportunity to apply my skills and experience to an industry that has brought me so much personal joy is a blessing”, “I can’t describe how excited I am to lead this company”.

Todd Clarke
Chief Executive Officer



Victoria Xie

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria is passionate about introducing the next cool thing. Having a background in diverse industries and geographies,

Victoria brings her integrative approach to corporate strategies and operations on an international scale. Building the

Shredder (and more) with the DTV team, Victoria looks forward to raising the standard of versatility and dynamism to

the powersports industry and military.

Ryan Fairhead

Vice President, Research and Development

A Master Designer and World Class Machinist

From an early childhood, Ryan enjoyed inventing and building all kinds of machines and contraptions. This continued with his first job at the age of 12 when one of his inventions caught the eye of the small engine shop owner where he landed his first job.

After spending 8 years in the automotive manufacturing sector, he learned how to design and build production tooling and operate in an ISO manufacturing environment.

Having grown up with motocross dirt bikes and spending year after year skateboarding and snowboarding led Ryan to invent and develop the DTV shredder at the age of 22. Ryan created the first sketches of the original DTV Shredder and personally machined all parts including a ground-up build of a newly designed engine. Soon after, the first operational prototype was born and commercialization became a reality.

“The DTV Shredder is one of the most innovative and exciting new Powersports machines on the planet and a clear celebration of Ryan’s creative mind”.

Todd Clarke, CEO – DTV Motor Corporation.   



Ethan Ma

Director of Manufacturing


Ethan joined DTV Motor Corporation in 2011. He has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Industrial Design. He has 10 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the automotive industry and has won numerous international design awards. His areas of expertise include new manufacturing facility setup, operational management, manufacturing and quality engineering during the new product launch and lean manufacturing best practices.

While working as a Senior Design Engineer at Mitsubishi, Ethan gained valuable experience in exterior and interior design; in particularly car styling trend and a strong understanding of automotive manufacturing. Ethan’s skills and experience are great assets to DTV Motor Corporation.



Andrew McEwan

Director of Sales and Marketing

Andrew joined the team at DTV Motor Corporation in 2015.

Powersports has been driving force in Andrew’s life since he first set sights on his first dirt bike at the tender age of four.  Working through the ranks, he gained valuable experience managing the production and design teams at several large publications and soon after in the digital space within the Powersports and Automotive industries. Andrew’s gregarious personality combined with his in-depth knowledge of marketing in the Powersports industry makes him a clear natural fit to lead the sales and marketing team at DTV Motor Corporation.



Noel Corda

Director of Engineering Services

Noel joined DTV Motor Corporation in 2015 and in a short time has brought his masterful engineering experience to the forefront of the refinement of the DTV Shredder. With a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters Degree in Science, Noel excels in the design engineering aspect of the role with a proven track record in the automotive and military industries.

As an Aerodynamicist in Formula 1, Noel worked with the likes of Red Bull Racing and honed his craft in an extremely aggressive and competitive environment. His ability to learn quickly and take on challenges made for a swift transition from motorsport racing to DTV Motor Corporation.