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The DTV Shredder is no ordinary motorized vehicle, making it difficult to define. However, Lucas Cooney and Devin Persaud describe it perfectly – a stand-up Jet Ski, dual track vehicle for land.

Cooney and Persaud go into detail about the mechanics, specs and ultimately how to ride the machine.

What stands out about the DTV is the steering. Instead of using the handles, you apply your weight directionally left or right on the deck of the machine – similar to snowboarding.

The DTV is for all season, all terrain. Both Cooney and Persaud had the luxury of riding on a day filled with fresh powder. It was a steeper learning curve, but with a bit of a challenge follows great reward.

“After maybe 20 minutes of trail riding, I noticed my arms were basically spent. I was leaning forward with plenty of weight on my arms, which is apparently the wrong thing to do. The DTV test riders told me to stand more upright and just use my hands to control the throttle and brakes, which eased much of the burden my arms were carrying.”

  • Lucas Cooney

Producing a new alternative and unique way of riding, the DTV offers new insights into a dual track vehicle.


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