The DTV Shredder

The DTV Shredder has been designed and developed by DTV engineers in SolidWorks 3D CAD software. Several refinements over the years have led to the 3rd Generation DTV Shredder. Our world-class engineers have designed all parts that have reached automotive standards of refinement and complexity.
The DTV Shredder is just the tip of the iceberg at DTV Motor Corporation.


DTV has developed an innovative steering system that uses the rider’s intuitive body movements to control the DTV Shredder.  Similarly, to carving or leaning on a snowboard, a rider leans into a turn on the Shredder.  This leaning movement actuates our mechanical Dual CVT Transmission which controls the individual track speeds to cause the turn.
DTV’s Patented Dual CVT Transmission takes advantage of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) technology.
Instead of utilizing gears and chains, CVT drives use V-Belts sandwiched between two conical plates (sheaves) forming pulleys at either end of the belt gear. Ratios are changed by moving the two sheaves of one pulley while widening the sheaves of the second pulley.  As the distance between the sheaves changes, the V-Belt rides higher or lower in the system creating an infinite number of variations. Add to that, speed sensitive steering for greater stability at higher speeds.
Other than it’s radical styling, our Patented Dual CVT Transmission makes the DTV Shredder an unbelievable off-road riding experience and the first of it’s kind in the world.

Track System

The DTV Shredder suspension utilizes a novel approach to track driven vehicles. The first and most obvious is the rear drive mechanism. This drive system delivers a much higher power efficiency and keeps the dual tracks firmly planted on the ground, unlike front drive systems. The front area is clear of any drivetrain, therefore, full attention to damping can be utilized meaning a full double articulated mechanism can absorb both frontal and lower shock loads. This ensures rider comfort and durability are achieved in a relatively small space.
The next and most visible system is the “X” shaped middle suspension. This is also another double articulated mechanism that is unparalleled in ground-forming shock absorption. This enables the Shredder to conform to virtually any surface while removing all track vibration. This mechanism provides the bases for the Shredders amazing manoeuvrability and stability at both high and low speeds.


The uniqueness of the transmission led us to develop our own powertrain. A 208cc engine designed and built to handle the loads of the DTV. It features an oil cooling system, electronic carburetor and custom designed exhaust. The result; an engine that has a wide power band, with a peak torque of 15ft-lbs @ 5400RPM.


Engine Components

The new G1 EPA certified engine is equipped with an oil pump system to pressurize the main connecting rod bearing with lubrication. This coupled with an oil filter and oil cooler enables significantly lower engine temperatures and higher specific output. This combination also drastically impacts the lifespan of the oil and therefore prolongs engine change intervals. The design put forward by DTV uses a first time ever approach to supplying oil to the connecting rod bearing, which in time will see wide-reaching marketplace application.

The new G1 engine comes equipped with a fully electronic engine control system that not only controls the fuel delivered to the engine but also the exact ignition timing. This system compensates for altitude and temperature by using an O2 sensor with feedback control to meter the exact amount of fuel for optimum combustion. The system also responds to changing loads and adjusts accordingly to maximize power. We have also included an RPM limiter to help protect the engine and transmission from over revving.

We have partnered with a great performance exhaust manufacturer that has custom designed and manufactured the DTV Shredder exhaust system. Not only do these systems deliver increased power, they also provide exceptional sound quality with the highest quality in materials.

Our commitment to the environment brings the latest technology in catalytic converters. These performance CAT’s offer up to 95% reduction in emissions while maintaining high-performance flow rates. The compact design has enabled us to fit this high-tech device into our muffler system which adds the finishing touch to a beautifully crafted exhaust system

After countless hours of research and development, DTV has mastered our cylinder head design. We combined real-world testing with countless hours on the engine dyno to deliver a huge step forward in power and efficiency. Not only have we increased the performance, but we have done so with cooler head temperatures.

The new EPA engines use a fully machined, high performance connecting rod specifically designed for high output and high RPM. This part is truly a work or art – it combines the high strength and low weight in a beautifully crafted part. This part is one of the cornerstones of our engines commitment to reliability.

This new generation DTV engine has evolved on every level. We increased the piston size from 68mm to 70mm thereby increasing the displacement by 12cc. We are also using the newest and most efficient piston design that maximizes performance but lowers emissions.

Relentless in our development, we increased the duration while maximizing the cam angle to better work with our exhaust system and air box. We perfected the precise combination that delivers maximum torque and increased power for crisp throttle response.

General Machine Specification
✓ Overall vehicle size: 43” x 27.25” x 23” (LxWxH) with handle in lowered position 52.5” (H) with handle in upright position
✓ Machine weight: 250lbs. (113kg)
✓ Top Speed 25 mph (40 km/h), with factory gearing
✓ All-terrain capability
✓ 12v Lead acid battery system

✓ 208cc, 14hp @ 5,400 rpm, 15ft·lb torque, 4-stroke gasoline engine
✓ Dellorto ECS control system
✓ EPA Certified
✓ Electric Start

Chassis/Suspension/Drive Systems
✓ Robotic arc welded tube frame construction
✓ 6-point, independently articulating suspension system Patented, variable speed, track-biasing CVT system Paddle-style, reinforced, continuous molded rubber track (x 2) Integrated optional tow hitch
✓ Cast aluminum swing-arms

Control System
✓ Pivoting deck steering mechanism (skateboard style) 15° deck lean angle left-right, from horizontal
✓ Fixed handle position left-right, multiple incline positioning front-back Thumb throttle acceleration
✓ Dual hydraulic disc brake, hand lever
✓ Several international patents