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We have three 2019 models to choose from;

  1. DTV Shredder S200-LT
  2. DTV Shredder S200-XT
  3. DTV Shredder S200-UT


The Shredder is used for Recreation and Utility. Carve through narrow winding trails or tow a trailer across the farm. Your machine, your rules!

Top speed on the 2019 models is 25 mph (40kph).

DTV Shredder 2019 models start at USD $4499 + shipping.

Designed and tested by DTV Motor Corp, the DTV engine puts out 14hp@6000rpm and 15ft.lb of torque!

The DTV Shredder has Dual Independent braking systems, which allow for zero-turn (360 rotation). Reverse will be a feature available in the near future!

At casual cruise speeds, 1 tank of gas (1 gallon) will get you upto 4 hours of ride time which equates to about 30 miles

Our DTV Shredder S200-UT model can tow up to 800 lbs! The DTV Shredder S200-LT and S200-XT models are rated to 500lbs.

The Shredder is an off-road vehicle. It is not street legal.

You can purchase directly by adding your favorite 2019 model to the cart and checkout via paypal. Or email info@dtvmotorcorp.com. Alternatively you may call 1-833-388-7437